Fences up to 7 feet tall are permitted in required side and rear yards and up to 4 feet tall in required front yards, which required yards are defined by code (setbacks) and may differ from perceived yards on your property.

Replacement of existing fences or fence repairs do not require a city review prior to installation but must comply with code.

An exception to this process is for fences enclosing swimming pools. Those have specific requirements under the Virginia Uniform Statewide Building Code. These fences require a standard Building Permit.

Permits for fences are not required but all new fences must be reviewed prior to installation by Zoning and Public Works to ensure no conflicts with code or city infrastructure.

To obtain a review for a new fence, please fill out a Building Permit Waiver for Fences and Sheds Application and include a plat of your property clearly showing the proposed location of the new fence, including fence height. There is no fee for this review.