Amendment Language

Note: This language is as of June 19, 2013, as approved at the City Council's first reading.] The pertinent section of the Zoning Ordinance is below, with the proposed amendment language bolded and underlined. (See also the existing Zoning Ordinance in the City Code and TO13-16, the proposed amendment with staff report, as was presented at the June 10, 2013 City Council Meeting.)

Chapter 48 "Zoning," Article V "Supplementary Regulations," Division 6 "Height, Lot, and Yard Regulations," Section 1102 "To Bring Redevelopment of Existing Substandard Lots into Closer Alignment with the Comprehensive Plan of the City of Falls Church."

Sec. 48-1102. Additional requirements, exceptions and modifications.
(b) Substandard lots.
(1) Any lot of official record as of February 14, 1944, or any lot of a subdivision approved by the city from February 14, 1944, to the effective date of the ordinance from which this division is derived, which does not meet the lot size requirements for the district in which it is located, may be used for a one-family dwelling, provided:
  1. It is in an R district; and
  2. It cannot reasonably be combined with other property to meet the minimum size requirements. Contiguous substandard lots shall be considered combined for the purposes of administering all zoning regulations as of August 1, 2013, if one home straddled or touched the contiguous lots as of that date, and that home used both substandard lots for setback purposes. The limitations of this paragraph shall not apply to substandard lots for which all of the following are true on or before August 1, 2014:
    1. The substandard lots have been placed in separate ownership and Arlington County land recordation of such has been completed and presented to staff.
    2. A complete grading plan meeting all the requirements of the City of Falls Church Code for the subject lots has been applied for and accepted by the City for review.
    3. A demolition permit for the house has been applied for.