George Mason & Mary Ellen Henderson Campus Joint Process Planning Committee (inactive)

This committee is no longer active. The Campus Road Map final report is available for download. The current active committee is the Joint Steering Committee.

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As set forth in the Council Resolution, the committee was to be composed of two School Board members, two City Council members, one Planning Commission member, and one Economic Development Authority member. Support was provided by the City Manager and School Superintendent. The members were:
In January 2014, the City Council passed Resolution 2014-06 to form a joint process planning committee, in coordination with the School Board, plan a process for potential planning and development on the George Mason High and Mary Ellen Henderson Middle Schools campus. This committee is no longer active.

The Committee's purpose was to map out the planning (i.e., identifying decision points) and process for coordination, collaboration, and expert guidance. The Committee did not carry out the actual planning tasks to accomplish development goals.