City Hall Public Space & Safety Improvements

City Hall, located in the heart of The Little City at 300 Park Ave., is in need of renovations. Public safety -- police, sheriff, courts, and jail -- is the primary concern tied in with visitor and staff safety. City Hall houses the police department, sheriff’s office, and the court -- not a common set up in our area. Accessibility, wayfinding, stormwater compliance, water intrusion mitigation, energy efficiency, and staff space needs are also concerns. These renovations will meet City Hall's needs for at least 20 years.
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Town Hall Recap

Thanks to those who came out to learn more about this important project. Watch the two videos below if you missed it!

What Renovations are Needed?

In short, the renovations will create or improve Public Safety, ADA Accessibility, and Visitor Convenience through five main concepts, as listed below. Watch this short video via YouTube for a conceptual plan of what the renovations could look like; note, this is not a final plan, just a concept.

  1. Secured One-Level Parking Garage

    A garage behind City Hall could offer parking for the public to use while visiting City Hall, the Community Center, and the Library, where parking is very limited. A secured portion of the garage would be for police, sheriff, and courts to allow for secured prisoner and weapon transport.

    This addresses:
    • Public Safety
  2. Central Front Entrance

    The building currently lacks a centralized entrance and receptionist, so visitors are often confused about how to reach their destination. Multiple entrances are not a safety best practice. A central entrance would address the safety concerns, provide clear paths through the building, and include information like a daily list of meetings.

    This addresses:
    • Public Safety
    • ADA Accessibility
    • Visitor Convenience
  3. East and West Wing Connections

    Only one corridor currently connects the wings, shared by the public, staff, and public safety. This plan creates two new hallways, one of which will be secured for staff. Other interior improvements will bring public services to more convenient locations while maintaining the separation needed for our police, sheriff, and court functions.

    This addresses:
    • Public Safety
    • ADA Accessibility
    • Visitor Convenience
  4. Building Code and ADA Renovations

    There are a number of renovations needed to comply with the building code and update for ADA accessibility, including creating shelter-in-place locations for the public and staff; upgrading electrical, sprinklers, plumbing, and ADA; replacing the 60 year-old HVAC; and replacing the generator.

    This addresses:
    • Public Safety
    • ADA Accessibility
    • Visitor Convenience

A Short History of City Hall

Built in 1957, City Hall was last renovated in 1986 when the East Wing was added. It is a central gathering place that hosts over 400 community meetings every year. Weekly City Council, Planning Commission, and School Board meetings and court proceedings are held in City Hall. The city’s major community events like the weekly, year-round Farmers Market, Memorial Day, and Fall Festival are held in City Hall’s parking lot.

A majority of city employees work in City Hall; most others are at the Property Yard (7100 Gordon Rd.), the Mary Riley Styles Public Library (120 N. Virginia Ave.), Community Center (223 Little Falls St.), Cherry Hill Farmhouse and Gage house, all of which shares the campus and parking lot with City Hall.

Task Force

The City Hall/Public Safety Facility Task Force meets on an as-needed basis. The task force was created by the City Council to advise Council on the project. Members include elected officials, City staff, and representatives from boards, commissions., and civic organizations.


Please note this timeline is subject to change.

Current Progress

A number of projects have already been completed or are in progress as per the Capital Improvements Program (CIP), approved by Council. Highlights include:

  • Completed: Rebuilt six chimneys to address brick collapse, plumbing vents, and water intrusion into the attic and walls;
  • Completed: Installed snow rails and replaced all gutters and downspouts to prevent ice damming, large icicles and snow sheeting to address damage and injury risk;
  • Completed: Renovations to encapsulate asbestos, remove mildew, and improve appearance and functionality of Court/Chambers and other select areas of City Hall;
  • Completed: Police Evidence Storage Room.


A total of $16.95 million has been approved for these public safety renovations.

The FY2012, FY2013, and FY2014 CIPs approved for $1 million for critical renovations and $10.7 million for City Hall public safety expansion, renovations, and parking.

An additional $5.25 million for additional public safety renovations in the existing building and rear expansion, HVAC renovations in the West Wing, and a second story on the Police/Courts garage was approved in the FY2016 CIP.