Private Development

Managing Private Development
The Department of Public Works (DPW) is an integral part of the development review and permitting process in the City of Falls Church. DPW engineers review both residential and commercial permit plans / applications for code compliance, engineering issues, and floodplain concerns. The City Arborist also reviews permit applications and manages bonds related to tree work, tree preservation, removal and planting.

Residential Development
DPW reviews plans for the construction of single-family residences, additions, alterations, and improvements. Grading Plans are required for all projects that involve land-disturbing activities of 2,500 square feet or more.

The review process begins with the submission of the grading and building plans, along with a building permit application, and involves numerous City departments.

Within DPW, residential development plans are reviewed by a civil engineer, erosion and sediment control engineering inspectors, and the City Arborist. Details for erosion and sediment controls, best management practices (BMPs), tree protection, and work in the city's right of way (e.g. curbs and driveway entrances) are all scrutinized.

Some projects will require a BMP stormwater permit, BMP maintenance agreement, an erosion and sediment (E&S) permit, and applicable bonds. After plans have been approved by staff, they are forwarded to the Chesapeake Bay Review Team for a final review and public meeting.

Commercial Development
Site plans for commercial development submitted through the city's Planning Division are subject to review and approval by DPW staff. The process for as-built plan approval is managed by engineering staff.