Public Infrastructure Development Resources Facilities Manual

Welcome to our Public Infrastructure Development Resources page. We will be compiling on this page resources to provide guidance and direction for developers about how to design and construct public infrastructure in the City. Ultimately, these components will be compiled into a single Public Facilities Manual.

In addition to the resources on this page, developers should review the various City Planning documents, such as the Comprehensive Plan, and the Planning Opportunity Areas to understand the City’s vision for development here in Falls Church.

Design & Development Policies

The City is committed to a transportation network which provides many travel choices for residents and visitors. To this end, the City expects new development to reflect urban or semi-urban design concepts which provide an equitable distribution of the limited space in the right of way between the multiple travel modes. The National Association of City Transportation Officials Urban Street Design Guide is a useful resource which illustrates these principals.

Design & Development Policies

Design and Construction Specifications and Details

The City utilizes VDOT specifications and details whenever these details are amenable with the City’s vision for a multi-modal transportation network.  Where the typical VDOT details or specifications are not consistent with the City’s vision, we have developed City specific details and/or specifications, which are posted below.

Design Details


Right of Way Permits

Please remember that any work in the Right of Way requires a permit, and must comply with all permit requirements.