Downtown Reinvestment

Project Scope

This project will improve the aesthetic quality of the Downtown area by upgrading streetlights to LED, painting streetlight poles, replanting tree pits, providing water spigots and electrical outlets in front of businesses, removing tripping hazards in the sidewalk, and pressure washing the sidewalk along West Broad Street. Along North Washington Street, the City will remove non-City standard street lights, upgrade streetlights to LED, paint streetlight poles, replant tree pits, replace concrete sidewalk with brick pavers, install a curb extension at Park Place, and install a new crosswalk with new pedestrian signals for the south leg at Park Avenue. This project is being funded through the water sale proceeds. 

Downtown CIP Graphic Schematics

Project Location

Schedule and Status

  • Sidewalk Restoration and Streetlight Painting: Completed
  • LED Conversion: April 2016
  • North Washington Street Sidewalk and Lighting Improvements: In progress
  • Park Place Curb Extension: In progress
  • Pedestrian Signal Improvements: In progress

Traffic Impacts

During the LED conversion for streetlights, which is currently scheduled to begin April 21, 2016, one outside travel lane will be closed along West Broad Street during non-rush hours. Some work may occur on Saturdays. The sidewalk demolition and replacement will require an outside lane closure on North Washington Street during non-rush hours, and the sidewalk for each direction will be closed to pedestrians for the 2-4 weeks during construction. A flagger will direct traffic at Park Place while the curb extension is installed, and minor impacts to the sidewalk are anticipated during the installation of new pedestrian signals. North Washington Street will be resurfaced as part of the Primary Extensions Paving project in late May.

Contact Information

For more information about this project, please contact Stephanie Rogers at 703-248-5459 (TTY 711).