Contest: Design the City Vehicle Decal

Winner: My Pretty Little City by Juliana Melton

Congratulations to George Mason High School student Juliana Melton for her winning design, inspired by The State Theatre! She wrote about why she chose the iconic landmark:
The State Theatre is a distinct and popular attraction in The Little City. The theater itself can be symbolic of the busyness and excitement present in the City of Falls Church. It also portrays the cultural aspect of Falls Church, for this small city holds many different events, and entertainment is one of the first things that I associate with it.
Congratulations, too, to the four finalists:
  • Second Place: "The Little City Takes Flight" by William Ng, George Mason High School (GMHS)
  • Third Place: "Cherry Hill in the Summertime" by Tessa Boneau,George Mason High School (GMHS)
  • Fourth Place: "Riding into the Future" by Jack Sykes, George Mason High School (GMHS)
  • Fifth Place: "Falls Church: A Fruitful Community" by Myra Zingg, George Mason High School (GMHS)

Previous Winners


2017-2018 Winners

2017-2018 Vehicle Decal Finalists

  • 1st Place: "Historic Past - Promising Future" by Annika Britton, 10th Grade at George Mason High School (GMHS), Center
  • 2nd Place: "The Colorful City" by Sedona Decint, 11th Grade at George Mason High School (GMHS), Center Right
  • 3rd Place: "Gateway" by Clara Matton, 11th Grade at George Mason High School (GMHS), Center Left
  • 4th Place: "The Little Church" by Jack Sykes, 9th Grade at George Mason High School (GMHS), Far Right
  • City of Falls Church Treasurer, Jody Acosta, Far Left 

2016-2017 Winners

2017-2018 Winning Vehicle Decal
Winners of Decal Contest
  • 1st Place: "Cardinal Directions" by Akihira Maher, 11th Grade (far right)
  • 2nd Place: "The Heart of Falls Church" by Annie Castillo, 9th Grade (center right)
  • 3rd Place: "Carved Climbing Tree" by Maeve Keating, 9th Grade (center left)
  • 4th Place: "The Center of Falls Church" by Alice Castillo, 11th Grade (far left)
Cardinal Decal Winner