Public Safety Projects

NOTE: For the City Hall Public Safety renovations project, please visit the Facilities Projects webpage or the City Hall Renovations webpage.
Project Details

Fire Station #6 Improvements

Capital investment needs identified in 2013 report and addressed in 2014 Agreement with Arlington County. Includes replacement of HVAC, windows, and overhead doors.

Cost: $788,000

Schedule: Window replacements have been completed.  HVAC design is halted at 90% while the City and County investigate funding availability.  Overhead door replacement has been postponed for several years due to costs exceeding funding.

Status: Windows have been replaced for about $43,000 less than budgeted cost.  The HVAC design is 95% complete, but $1.25 million estimated construction cost is well over the $200,000 budgeted cost. Overhead door replacement costs of $545,000 exceeded budgeted amount of $345,000, so doors were repaired and replacement postponed. Other capital needs have been identified by Arlington County for the out years, including gutter replacement, generator replacement, and sanitary sewer repairs.

Firearms Training Center

Reconstruction of the center in partnership with the City of Fairfax Police Department.

Cost: $1.2 million (City of Falls Church share of the project)

Schedule: The Fairfax City Police have been awarded a grant in FY14 to upgrade the building's firing range lane capacity, failing mechanical target systems and inadequate air circulation system. It was estimated after consultation with design and construction companies that the overall cost of the range would be approximately $4,036,000.  The firing range facility is reported to be in a condition that will not facilitate additional add-ons but requires a tear down and build up from the established slab foundation.

Status: The final negotiations for cost, options and construction have been revised and the stakeholders of Falls Church and Fairfax Cities are still negotiating with contracted builders and architects. It is anticipated that the finalized real cost will be realized by early summer 2016.

Police Officer Radios

Replace the public safety radios that support the communications of each individual officer, public safety official, sheriff’s deputy, emergency communication technician. Also, replace vehicle radios.  

Cost: $582,460

Schedule: The current radios will be phased out by the manufacturer and no longer supported after April 2015. Surrounding jurisdictions are phasing the models out as well, and compatibility is cruical. Radios have a life cycle of 7 years. There are 90 portable radios for individuals and 40 vehicle radios.  The proposed 3 year plan of radio replacement would account for: 44 portables the first year, 20 portables and 22 mobiles the second year, and 20 portables the third year for a total of 106 total radios.                  

Status: Equipment has been purchased and delivered. Programming and deployment underway.