Request a Rack Program

What is Request a Rack?

As a follow-up to the City’s “Mobility for all Modes” Plan and “Bicycle Master Plan: Connecting Communities,” City staff is partnering with local businesses and property owners on a “Request a Rack” program.

Providing sufficient bike parking is an important part of increasing mode choice and making biking viable.  The colorful bike racks have a couple of benefits: 

  • They send a message that biking is okay and even encouraged.
  • Because they are in a public space, they can be used by people visiting any nearby shop, office, or venue.
City Bike Rack

Where can I find a rack now? 

This map shows the locations of existing bike racks in the City and nearby jurisdictions.

Will the racks block the pedestrian space?

No, the bike racks will be placed outside of the pedestrian thoroughfare. Bike rack installation will adhere to the following spacing guidelines:
  • Outside of the 5-6' pedestrian thoroughfare - to allow passage
  • Minimum 3' from the curb, the building, and obstructions - to allow use of the racks
  • Sufficient spacing between racks to allow full use of both sides of each rack (3' between racks) - to avoid competing racks
  • Within 50' of building entrances - to increase access 

How do I request a rack?

To request a rack, please contact Kerri Oddenino at or 703-248-5477 (TTY 711).