Scavenger Hunt

75 Year Anniversary Scavenger Hunt Series 

  • Find the 75 Scavenger Hunt
  • February 5 through February 12
  • First clue goes live at 10 a.m. February 5 on City of Falls Church social media

Celebrate the City of Falls Church's 75 Year Anniversary through the Find the 75 Scavenger Hunt. This self-lead scavenger hunt will take you to different parks in the City of Falls Church to collect three 75th Anniversary magnifying glasses to win a two-part prize!

How to Play

  • Follow the clues to find three different colored 75th Anniversary magnifying glasses. All are located in different parks around the City of Falls Church. 
  • Clues can be found on the back of the 75th Anniversary magnifying glasses. Extra hints will be posted throughout the week on City social media. 
  • Return to the Community Center with one of each color 75th Anniversary magnifying glass to claim your prizes!


All completed scavenger hunt participants receive:

  •  A 75th city anniversary themed prize 
  • Entry into a raffle to be a 2024 Taste of Falls Church judge! 

Past Hunts

The 75 Year Scavenger Hunt Series is free to play for all ages. This is the seventh scavenger hunt the Recreation and Parks Department has hosted since May 2020 (Historic Scavenger Hunt in June 2020, Hallow-scream Hunt in October 2020, Heartfelt Hunt in February 2021, Memorial Day Scavenger Hunt in May 2021, Independence Day Scavenger Hunt in July 2021, and Then VS. Now Scavenger Hunt in November 2023).

Find the 75 Scavenger Hunt