Big Chimneys Park Improvements

Big Chimneys Park is located between Gibson Street and West Annandale Road and is approximately 1.7 acres. The park is over 20 years old, and is in need of an update. The play equipment is out of date, stromwater management improvements are required to address drainage issues at the south end of the park, an accessible trail is needed from the Winter Hill neighborhood to the west, and updated landscaping will help make the park more visible and attractive.
Big Chimneys Concept
The purposes of the Park is to preserve and protect natural resources, and provide a variety of passive and active recreational activities for all age groups. The outdated and/or broken equipment within the park will be removed and replaced with improved versions. The new park will include the following: ADA access from Gundry Dr., updated landscaping and monument signage at both entrances to the park, landscape buffers, new trail, regrading, stormwater management features, new play equipment and park furniture, historical signage, lighting, new fences, and open space.


The project is scheduled for completion in fall 2018.


  • Recreation & Parks Advisory Board
    Wednesday, June 21 at 7 p.m.
    City of Falls Church Community Center (Map)
    The community is invited to join the Board to share thoughts on design and construction of a new and improved public park.
    Initial Design Concepts