Animal Control

The Falls Church Animal Control Officer enforces city and state codes and laws dealing with animals and their control. The Animal Control Officer also investigates cruelty cases and can assist residents with wildlife concerns. The Animal Control Officer's primary function is to help and protect residents while dealing with animals as humanely as possible. The cooperation and assistance of all residents, however, is necessary to provide for good human and animal relationships in the community.

The City of Falls Church has one Animal Control Officer. 

Report an Animal Control Problem

  • For emergency animal control incidents, call 703-248-5050 (TTY 711).
  • For non-emergency animal control incidents, call 703-248-5172 (TTY 711) or submit a request online

If the Animal Control Officer is not on duty, a patrol officer will be dispatched for reports of vicious animals or other dangerous situations. In all other cases, the Animal Control Officer will follow up on calls upon their return.