Permit Review Times

Building Safety is committed to providing timely plan review turn-around. See the table below for recent turn-around times and projections.

Number of Workdays to Review Plan Submissions
 Quarter in
New Homes,
 Additions &
Gas Risers,
 Solar Panels,
 Decks, Generators
13 workdays8 workdays19 workdays
Oct - Dec 201813819
Jul - Sep 201812619
Apr - Jun 201812717
Jan - Mar 201812819
Oct - Dec 201710616
Jul - Sep 2017101021
Apr - Jun 20178514
Jan - Mar 20171066
Oct - Dec 2016955
Jul - Sep 20168820


  • Reported plan-review times are for Development Services (Zoning and Building Safety). Grading-plan-review times are not included.
  • Reported plan-review times are based on 90th percentiles. Extreme outliers due to unusual circumstances are statistically removed from the results.
  • Projections are based on past performance and current-month
  • Simple commercial tenant fit-outs in existing established locations are eligible for expedited review. Projects involving building shell alterations, significant structural work, or site-plan review are not eligible.