City Hall has Reopened

Most Government Offices Have Returned to City Hall

  • Commissioner of the Revenue (Vehicle Registration, Business Licenses)
  • Treasurer (Tax Payments, Dog Licenses, Vehicle Decal)
  • Voter Registration
  • Planning (Permits, Building Safety, Zoning)
  • Police Records
  • Public Works (Permits, Solid Waste)
  • Sheriff
  • Administration (City Manager, City Attorney, City Clerk, Communications, Finance, HR, IT)

New Central Public Entrance

City Hall now has a central public entrance on the front of the building: the west side door with stairs and a wheelchair accessible ramp, and the east side door with stairs. All other entrances are closed to the public, which increases security for everyone in the building. Visitor parking is available on the front, side, and back of the building.

Public Meeting Notices

Effective on Monday, April 22, 2019, and until further notice, all public meeting notices will be posted inside City Hall, 300 Park Avenue, across from the east entrance door. Such notices are posted pursuant to VA. Code § 2.2-3707. Questions may be directed to the City Clerk’s office at (703) 248-5014 (TTY 711).

Housing and Human Services Moves in June

In June, Housing and Human Services will move back to City Hall from their current location in the Gage House (401 Great Falls St., behind the Community Center).

Court and the Court Clerk Move in June

In June, the Courts and Court Clerk will move back to City Hall from their current location at the Arlington Courthouse (1425 N. Courthouse Rd., Suite 2400, Arlington).

Ribbon Cutting and Celebration

A ribbon cutting ceremony and open house will take place in June. The exact date and time will be announced soon.

About the City Hall Renovations

The renovations accomplished three main objectives: increased public safety, improved ADA accessibility, and clearer wayfinding for visitors. The central front entrance increases security for everyone in the building. Every decision of the renovations was made with ADA accessibility and building code in mind, from a ramp in the new Council Chambers/Courtroom, to wider hallways throughout the building, to updated restrooms. The new parking garage for police, sheriff, and courts allows for secured prisoner and weapon transport.