Temporary Office Relocation

The City Hall Renovation Project requires a full renovation of the building, located at 300 Park Ave. Through early 2019, all offices and services located within City Hall are in off-site temporary locations while construction is underway.

Relocated Offices & Services

or Service
Physical Address
Mailing Address
Courts: Falls Church Combined
District Courts

​Court Clerk
Arlington County Courthouse
(1425 N. Courthouse Rd.)

​Courthouse, Suite 2400
300 Park Ave.,
Falls Church, VA
Housing and Human
Services (HHS)

Real Estate Assessment
Gage House
(behind Community Center)
300 Park Ave.,
Falls Church, VA
City Attorney

City Clerk
​(City Council services)

City Manager

Commissioner of the Revenue


Development Services /
​Community Planning

​Economic Development


​Human Resources


​Public Works



​Voter Registration
​and Elections Office
400 N. Washington St.,
Falls Church, VA
300 Park Ave.,
Falls Church, VA

When Will City Hall be Closed for Construction?

City Hall is currently closed to the public and staff. The project is slated to be complete in early 2019.

What is the Temporary Physical Address for City Hall during Construction?

While the majority of City Hall departments will move to 400 N. Washington St. during construction, some City offices and services will relocate elsewhere. Please consult the table above to find the temporary physical address for the office or service you're looking for. 

​Will Contact Information Change During Construction?

No. Besides each office's temporary physical address change, existing City Government emails, mailing addresses, and phone numbers will remain the same.

Will the Community Center, Cherry Hill Farmhouse, Saturday Morning Farmers Market, DMV 2 Go, and the Mary Riley Styles Public Library Remain Open while City Hall is Under Construction?

Yes. There may be some parking restrictions put in place to accommodate construction activity, but all listed above will all remain open with normal business hours unless otherwise noted.