Specimen Trees

Specimen Tree Program

Specimen Trees are those that the Falls Church community has found to be special, and have been specifically recognized by the City Council.

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Criteria for Recommendation of a Tree
Anyone may nominate a Specimen Tree by submitting a report to the Urban Forestry Commission describing the tree and its significance to the community. The Urban Forestry Commission uses the following criteria in deciding whether to recommend Specimen status to the City Council:
 (1) its outstanding size and quality for its particular species, and
 (2) its high value because of its unusual type, age or form, or
 (3) its high value because of its historical or memorial significance.

The specimen tree list provides an itemized view of the various specimen trees within the city. This information is also available in map form

Specimen trees are designated as such per the City CodeThe owner retains responsibility for any Specimen Tree on his/her private property and incurs no additional tax burden.  Because the tree enjoys a special and protected status, the Code requires that a permit be obtained before removal or destruction