Temporary Location

  1. Temporary Location Closing July 10 to Begin Library Move

    The library renovation and expansion project is coming to an end and the outside of the new library building is looking great! There’s still work that needs to be done on the inside including moving our entire collection into its new home and setting up public and staff spaces. Our temporary location (at 601 S. Oak St.) will close permanently and we will suspend curbside pickup service starting July 10 at 5 pm so we can begin the process of moving back into our library building at 120 N. Virginia Ave, which will re-open on Monday, August 16, at 10 am. Learn more...

2020.02.07 Temp Location Map

MRSPL Temporary Location

601 S. Oak Street
Falls Church, VA 22046
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Where is the temporary location? And is there parking?

  • 601 S. Oak Street, Falls Church, VA 22046
  • We will be in the trailer next to Thomas Jefferson Elementary School.
  • The site is approximately 0.7 mi SW from our current location.
  • Street parking will be available by the trailer. Please be mindful of posted street signs. 

What phone numbers and mailing address should be used for the temporary location? 

  • All phone numbers for the library should redirect to the temporary location. 
  • All mail should continue to be sent to 120 N. Virginia Avenue, Falls Church, VA 22046.  
  • See our Contact Us page for a complete list of phone numbers and contact information. 

Want to Learn More About the Library Expansion and Renovation? 

If you would like to learn more about the library expansion and renovation project, please: