Founders Row II

Project Status and Process

This is a new development proposal for a mixed-use project at the intersection of W Broad Street and S West Street, across from the Founders Row development. An initial Special Exception application for the project was first filed on November 17, 2020 and approved on March 28, 2022. The application has moved on to the Site Plan process, which is approvable by the Planning Commission after further refinement. 

Development proposals of this scale must go through several stages of staff review and receive several reviews and approvals by boards, commissions, and City organizations before they are considered for approval by the City Council. A general schedule with upcoming meeting dates will be provided and updated as the project moves forward in the review process.

About the Proposed Development

Founders II is a new mixed-use development project proposed by Mill Creek. As proposed the project would include the following key elements: 

  • Up to six (6) levels of residential multi-family rental apartments (280 Total) 
  • Ground floor retail of 22,146 Square Feet along the frontage of the project on West Broad Street and South West Street.
  • 5,000 Square Feet of dedicated co-working space (not included in total Commercial SF)
  • 426 spaces of underground parking garage. 
  • Building height varies from 79 feet along West Broad Street to 30 feet along Ellison Street. 


The total site area is 91,270 square feet (2.095 acres). The following properties at the intersection of W. Broad St and S. West St are included in the development proposal under the current application: 1001 & 1003 W. Broad St (RPC 52-102-060 and RPC 51-102-065). The previous uses on the site include a retail business at the corner and a Rite Aid. The current zoning designation is B-1, Limited Business.  The Comprehensive Plan Future Land Use Map Designation is “Mixed-Use” for the whole proposed site area.

Upcoming and Past Meetings

NOTICE: Until further notice, public meetings will be held pursuant to and in compliance with the Virginia Freedom of Information Act, Section 2.2-3708.2 and state and local legislation adopted to allow for continued government operation during the COVID-19 declared emergency. All participating members of the applicable public body will be present at meetings through electronic means; and all members of the public are welcome to view the meeting at meeting specific links provided in the meeting agenda, and on FCCTV (Cox 11, RCN 2, Verizon 35). Public comments will be accepted electronically and may be submitted to meeting-specific emails provided in the agenda.

Comments may always be submitted to the City Council via the City Clerk's office,

Find information and past materials on Founders Row II below in the project timeline table. More meeting announcements and public comment opportunities will be posted here.

Special Exception and Rezoning Application Schedule

DateMilestone / MeetingMaterials
November 20, 2020First Submission to CitySee Below: Package Items for March 15, 2021 
City Council Work Session
March 15, 2021City Council Work SessionCouncil Package (Item 3c)
Meeting Recording(Starts at 1:44:45)
April 7, 2021Planning Commission Virtual Town Hall
(includes reps from most Boards and Commissions)
Planning Commission Package (Item 8)
Meeting Recording(Starts at 1:12:53)
June 8, 2021Second Submission to CitySee Below: Application Materials
July 19, 2021City Council Work SessionCouncil Package (Item 3b)
Meeting Recording(Starts at 38:05)
September 13, 2021City Council Work SessionCouncil Package (Item 7e)
Meeting Recording(Starts at 2:05:30)

September 20, 2021City Council Information SessionVC Comparison Chart
September 27, 2021City Council Work Session & Referral to Boards and Commissions*Council Package(Item 10b(3))
Meeting Recording(Starts at 1:06:00)
October 6, 2021Planning Commission Work SessionPlanning Commission Package (Item 6)
Meeting Recording(Starts at 55:30)
November 3, 2021Planning Commission Work SessionPlanning Commission Package (Item 8B)
Meeting Recording (Starts at 53:45)
November 17, 2021Planning Commission Public HearingPlanning Commission Package (Item 6c)
Meeting Recording(Starts 1:32:00)

December 17, 2021Third Submission to CitySee Below: Application Materials
February 7, 2022City Council Work SessionCouncil Package (Item 1a)
Meeting Recording(Starts 00:04:30)
March 7, 2022City Council Work SessionCouncil Package (Item 1a)
Meeting Recording(Starts 00:30:30)
March 28, 2022City Council Public Hearing / ActionCouncil Package (Item 10(a)(1))
Meeting Recording(Starts at 2:26:00)

* The Founders Row II Special Exception and Rezoning Application was reviewed by all Boards and Commissions in either their October or November 2021 Meetings. If you are interested in a specific Board's discussion on Founders Row II, please refer to the individual Board or Commission's webpage.

Site Plan Application Schedule

Milestone / Meetings
April 27, 2022Site Plan Application Submission #1See "Application Materials" Below
June 16, 2022Planning Commission Work Session #1PC Package (Item 7A)
Applicant Presentation
Meeting Recording(Starts 39:30)
June 27, 2022*Site Plan Application Submission #2To Be Posted
July 13, 2022*Architectural Advisory Board Meeting
July 20, 2022*Urban Forestry Commission Meeting
August 3, 2022*Planning Commission Work Session #3To Be Posted
August 17, 2022*Planning Commission Public HearingTo Be Posted

 *All future dates are tentative and subject to change. Materials will be posted once they are available

Public Input

For further project information or questions, please contact:

  • Jeff Hollern, Senior Planner (Email)
  • Gary Fuller, Deputy Planning Director (Email)
  • Paul Stoddard, Planning Director (Email)

Application Materials - Site Plan (April 2022 - Present)

Site Plan Application Materials, Submission #1 (April 27, 2022)

Application Materials - Special Exception and Rezoning (Nov. 2020 - Mar. 2022)

Approved Special Exception Materials (Council Action, March 28, 2022)

Supplementary Submissions (February / March 2022)

Third Submission (Received December 17, 2021)

Second Submission (Received June 8, 2021, Amended August 20, 2021)

First Submission (Received November 17, 2020)