Tenant Frequently Asked Questions

Can the City help me pay my rent or utilities? 

  • If you need help because you are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic: The City of Falls Church offers emergency financial assistance for rent and utilities for City residents who are affected by the pandemic. Contact HHS at 703-248-5005 (TTY 711) or HHSInfo@fallschurchva.gov.

  • Help paying rent due to non-COVID-19 issues: Contact your landlord as soon as you realize you may not be able to pay rent. Ask if partial payments will be accepted until the rent is paid in full. Write out a payment plan that reflects what you can afford. Additional information may be found here.

  • Help paying utilities due to non-COVID-19 issues: Housing and Human Services assess and assist with finding solutions for a variety of needs. Contact HHS at 703-248-5005 (TTY 711) or HHSInfo@fallschurchva.gov.

Can my landlord evict me? 

  • Your landlord cannot evict you or ask you to leave your residence for having COVID-19 or while seeking medical assistance. If you are in need of assistance as a result of COVID related reduction of work hours or loss of employment, please look at the Virginia Housing Virginia Rent Relief Program, managed by the non-profit Virginia Housing.

  • If you have not been able to pay your rent, the landlord may start the eviction process. However, it does not mean you will have to move immediately. HHS assists landlords and tenants in resolving disputes by providing information to both parties on their rights and responsibilities under local and state law, security deposits, standard lease requirements, and eviction prevention. Contact HHS at 703-248-5005 (TTY 711) or HHSInfo@fallschurchva.gov.

How can I resolve problems with my landlord? 

What should I do if I am having a fair housing issue in my housing search? 

Resources related to fair housing issues that you may be facing can be found here on the City's website.

Where can I find information about the City’s Affordable Dwelling Unit (ADU) Program? 

This program offers homes for rent or for sale at a price below the market value to qualified renters and buyers. Find out more here.

What do I do if I am having issues with mold, mice, rats, or bugs in my apartment and my landlord is not addressing it?

Mold or pest issues are handled through the Fairfax County Health Department, which is the City's health department.

Can I get help with food, clothing, dental care, glasses, and transportation? 

If eligible, assistance may be provided for utilities, food referrals, clothing, dental care, and prescription eye glasses as well as transportation for the elderly and those with disabilities. Information and advocacy are also provided. If you are in need of services such SNAP and Medicaid benefits, you may receive Assistance From a Distance by going to www.commonhelp.virginia.gov, or call 1-855-635-4370, or the local Department of Family Services at 703- 324-7500 (TTY 711). 

I have more questions -- where can I turn? 

The City of Falls Church Department of Housing and Human Services staff are available and ready to assist you with any other questions or concerns. Contact HHS at 703-248-5005 (TTY 711) or HHSInfo@fallschurchva.gov

What resources are available if I live in the Falls Church part of Fairfax County?