Robertson Branch (Hillwood Ave. #2)


Design Phase (Summer 2021)

The project’s conceptual design is under review by City staff. Construction is anticipated to begin in October 2022.

About the Project

Located in the far southeast corner of the City’s limits, the Robertson Branch runs underground the yards of the 900 and 1000 blocks of Hillwood Ave. Not only are the stormwater pipes leading to this branch old and overwhelmed, but they’re also still connected to sanitary sewer lines and run above ground through yards and next to houses, as opposed to being buried under streets and accessways. When the stormwater system is overcapacity, overflow of water mixed with raw sewage pools in yards and enters homes. In addition, storm runoff from nearby Seven Corners flows downhill on Hillwood Ave., subsequently flowing through the same at-risk houses and yards, causing flooding more frequently than just 10-year storms.

This project will replace the current system with an improved drainage infrastructure, including removing above-ground pipes and replacing them with larger, underground pipes; opening up narrow storm drains; and, abandoning the part of the system still connected to sanitary sewer pipes.

In 2020, the Stormwater Task Force identified the Robertson Branch (Hillwood Ave #2) as one of six priority projects due to the severity of repeated flood damage, the health risks from raw sewage backups, and the relative simplicity of the design and construction

Trammel Branch


The project is estimated to cost $725,000, with the majority of funds coming from the Stormwater Utility Fund.


  • Conceptual Design: Complete
  • Final Design: March 2022
  • Bids: July 2022
  • Construction: October 2022
  • Completion: December 2022

Contact Information

Anthony Dudley, Stormwater Project Manager, or 571-238-6370