Tripps Run (Sherrow Ave. / S Virginia Ave.)


Design Phase (Summer 2021)

Conceptual design was completed in March 2021. Final design is anticipated to finish by January 2023, with construction starting later that fall.

About the Project

While Tripps Run flows both as surface and underground streams throughout a large swath of the City limits, the scope of this project is limited to between S Oak St. and S Washington St. (Rt. 29). New construction activity in recent years has increased the amount of impervious surfaces in the neighborhood, overwhelming the existing stormwater infrastructure. For some homes along Sherrow Ave., the increase in runoff flows downhill through their property, flooding their yards and basements. Other homes along Westmoreland Rd. experience flooding caused by back-ups from the overwhelmed stormwater system, while homes located adjacent to Tripps Run see flooding related to the overflowing stream banks. This project will increase the size of the existing storm pipe along S Virginia Ave., add new storm inlets and drain structures to help quickly remove runoff from the road, and create a new outfall into the Tripps Run flood plain.

In 2020, the Stormwater Task Force identified the Tripps Run as one of six priority projects due to the severity of flood damage and the relative simplicity of design and construction.

Tripps Run


The project is estimated to cost $1,084,000, with the majority of funds coming from the Stormwater Utility Fund.


  • Conceptual Design: Complete
  • Final Design: January 2023
  • Bids: May 2023
  • Construction Starts: August 2023
  • Construction Complete: February 2024

Contact Information

Anthony Dudley, Stormwater Project Manager, or 571-238-6370