Park Avenue Great Streets Project


The project is currently in the preliminary design stage. The 30% design plans have been submitted by the consultant for review and comment. Download a PowerPoint Presentation to see highlights and renderings (PDF, 23 pages), or download an information sheet here (PDF, 2 pages).


The following is subject to change.

  • 2023 to 2027: Design and right-of-way acquisition
  • 2028 to 2030: Construction

About the Project

This project will transform Park Avenue from N. Virginia Avenue to N. Washington Street into a “Great Street,” which are lively, attractive roadways that accommodate all modes of transportation while promoting social interaction, civic activity, and/or commerce.

There are many components to this project, including:

  • Undergrounding utility poles
  • More trees
  • Slowing the speed limit to 20 miles per hour
  • Raised brick intersections with bulbouts to shorten crosswalks
  • Realigning the Maple Avenue intersection
  • Gateway features at each end of the project
  • Improved entrance to Cherry Hill Park
  • Improving the intersections of Little Falls Street and Maple Avenue with W. Broad Street

The award-winning Farmers Market could move to Park Avenue, becoming a more accessible venue for the weekly event.

A separately-funded project in the area would create a campus environment outside City Hall at the intersection of Little Falls Street and Park Avenue where comfort, enjoyment, and aesthetics are as important as accessibility and safety.


The City is using VDOT Revenue Sharing and local funds for this project (non-federal). Current project budget available for PE phase which will cover Survey, Environmental, and Design-related services is $1,670,000. The entire VDOT grant is $ 6,630,000 which must cover all PE, ROW, Construction, CEI and CFC staff time. The entire project budget is $11,510,000.

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Public Outreach

Project History, Design Reviews, and Approvals