New: Sign Permits

Sign Permits

Except for exempt signs as provided in City Code Section 48-1241, a sign permit is required before any sign or advertising is erected, displayed for the following: 

  1. Except for exempt or nonconforming signs, all new or refurbished signs or sign structures shall require a permit in accordance with the provisions of this article.
  2. A sign or sign structure which is replaced to show a new trade name, a new design, different color, or other changes in shape, location, or size shall require a new permit.
  3. A sign or sign structure which is temporarily removed for not more than six months, or which is replaced or refurbished with the text and design, shall not require a new permit.
  4. The changing of sign information items shall not be considered a new sign and shall not require a new sign permit, provided that the original permit clearly stipulates the nature of the changeable information items that are to be used in such sign.

Sign placement, size, and quantity are regulated by zoning district. Please review the Sign Ordinance and Submission Guidelines before submitting a permit, and/or consult staff if you are unsure about the applicable requirements. All applications (sign application form) must be submitted to Permits Counter. Sign permits may be forwarded to the Architectural Advisory Board for comments. 

Prohibited Signs

The following types of signs are not permitted in the City among other similar signs listed in Zoning Code Section 48-1242(a): 

  • flag pole signs 
  • offsite signs
  • sign structures which no longer support a sign
  • balloons and other similar devices 

Sign Removals

The City may occasionally remove prohibited signs from City property and Right of Way. A sign or sign structure removed by the City shall be held for up to 30 days by the City, during which period, it may be recovered by the owner upon payment to the City for cost of removal and storage, and upon payment of imposed fines. If not recovered within 30 days, the sign is herby declared abandoned and will be disposed of. All inquiries regarding removed signs should be directed to