Section 3. Communications

In addition to its other responsibilities, the City Clerk's Office is a hub of incoming and outgoing information for the City Council. The Clerk's Office receives invitations, public comments, staff communications, and other messages directed at Council. 

Council members can set up lines of communication with the community on their own, such as individual office hours, blogs, and newsletters; however consideration should be taken regarding the content of these communications. City Council's adopted Rules of Procedure provides guidance on Council communications.

How to Contact City Council

Constituents can use a number of ways to get in contact with City Council, including:

  • Email
  • Phone
  • Letter
  • In-Person Comment
  • Virtual Comment

To give public comment at a Council Meeting, community members can sign up through the web portal. When filling out the form they can choose to submit a written comment, plan to speak in-person at the meeting, or request access to the meeting through virtual conferencing.

General public comment can be sent any time to the City Clerk, using the email or by calling 703-248-5014 (TTY 711). 

Each Council Member is provided with any physical mail sent through USPS.

How the City Communicates with the Community

To stay up to date on notices from the city, community members can review the city's website and social media. The City of Falls Church has a presence on Instagram, Facebook, and X. The News Room and City Central pages feature a variety of updates on local news. The weekly Focus on Falls Church e-newsletter provides timely news and updates. Phone and email notifications are also available for calendar events, meeting materials, and community newsletters/alerts. 

To receive notifications regarding Council-specific information, community members have the following options:

  • Meeting Calendar and Agendas: Subscribe at this link to be notified when a City Council meeting is cancelled, rescheduled, or changed in some way (time or venue). You will also be notified when an agenda is posted.

  • Legislative Updates: Subscribe at this link to be notified when the Legislative Update is posted. Legislative Updates are quick summaries of action taken by Council at Regular Meetings. Archives can be found here.

During the orientation process, Council Members will be signed up for relevant notifications.

How the City Council Communicates with City Staff

The City Manager's office is the bridge between City Council and staff. City Council will have access to staff members when necessary and appropriate to clarify issues or gain information and should notify the City Manager of such exchanges. All requests that require a substantial written response from staff will go through the City Manager as a matter of expediency and courtesy. (Res. 2022-01 Rules of Procedure)