Oakpark Townhomes

Project Status and Process

A site plan for 12 townhomes in the new T-1 Zone was submitted on February 2, 2024. The site plan is currently under review by the staff and is scheduled to be on the Planning Commission (PC) work session on March 20, 2024. The Architectural Advisory Board (AAB) and the Urban Forest Commission (UFC) will advise the Planning Commission on this development proposal and the Planning Commission is the final approval authority for this site plan. 

The Site and the Development

The subject site is located in the southeast quadrant of the intersection of Park Avenue and N. Oak Street, consisting of multiple existing parcels, developed with two single-family detached homes, with street addresses of 711 Park Avenue and 104 N. Oak Street respectively. 

The site is approximately 0.36 acres (15,625 square feet) in size and was previously included in a site plan for a daycare center for children. This new site plan proposes to consolidate the all-existing parcels and re-subdivide into 13 fee-simple parcels for the development of 12 townhomes.  

Project Schedule and Milestones

Milestone Date
Application Submission 1.0 February 2, 2024
 Staff Review for Completeness February 9, 2024
DRC Staff Review February 26, 2024
Architectural Advisory Board March 13, 2024
Urban Forest Commission March 20, 2024
Planning Commission Work Session #1 March 20, 2024
Application Submission 2.0 (tentative) April 3, 2024
DRC Staff Review (tentative) April 19, 2024
Planning Commission Public Hearing (tentative) May 1, 2024
Application Submission 3.0 (administrative cleanup as needed, tentative) May 15, 2024

Site Plan Submission 1.0 (February 2, 2024)

Public Input and Information