Report Graffiti

It's important that citizens help report graffiti so it can be removed and appropriate legal action can be taken. The majority of gang-related crimes are vandalism or graffiti.

Reporting Graffiti

Please use the Request Tracker to report graffiti. In the text of your message, please provide as accurately as possible the location of the graffiti, such as the street address, intersection, or the building or name of the business on which the graffiti is found. Graffiti can also be reported by calling the Falls Church police department at 703-241-5053 (TTY 711).
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The key to graffiti control is:
  • Recognize - Be aware of graffiti within your community
  • Record - Police will take a photo
  • Report - Contact the Falls Church Police at 703-241-5053
Once reported, the city's department of Environmental Services will remove graffiti from public property within 10 days. If graffiti is on private property, the owner of said property is responsible for removing within 10 days.