Report Suspicious Activity

Suspicious activity can be defined as:
  • A stranger entering your neighbor's house when it is unoccupied
  • Any vehicle moving slowly and without lights or 1 following an apparently aimless course
  • Anyone loitering around schools, parks, secluded areas, or on the street
  • Anyone peering into parked cars or houses
  • Anyone removing car accessories, license plates, or gasoline
  • Apparent business transaction conducted from a vehicle
  • Persons being forced into vehicles
  • Persons painting graffiti
  • The sound of breaking glass or loud explosive noises
  • Vehicles being loaded with valuables in front of unoccupied houses
  • Vehicles containing 1 or more persons parked at unusual hours
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Important Information for Police
When reporting suspicious activity to the Falls Church police department, be sure to tell them:
  • Description of persons (Including clothing)
  • Direction of flight
  • If anyone was injured
  • The vehicle license number
  • Vehicle description
  • What happened
  • When
  • Where