Employee of the Year

Brian Benson and Jimmy Ruby are the 2022 City of Falls Church Employees of the Year

The community-led Employee Review Board selected Benson for guiding the purchase of new Public Works equipment, which has led to efficiencies and higher production. Ruby was selected for managing multiple Recreation and Parks programs during position vacancies.

Brian Benson square pic

Benson played a key role in purchasing three pieces of equipment for Public Works: an asphalt roller that increases production on patches; a hotbox, which allows the department to apply more asphalt, thereby increasing production; and a skid steer, which allows crew members to attach different asphalt equipment. The nomination read, in part, "Without Brian's expertise, these purchases may have been ordered incorrectly, or not at all. Dedicating almost 30 years to the City, Brian has consistently achieved high results."

Jimmy Ruby square pic

Ruby received three nominations, all highlighting his dedication to the Recreation and Parks Department and how he has positively impacted hundreds of City families. To help with vacancies in the department, he pivoted from one of the most intense positions (winter youth sports), to another highly intense position (summer camps), and then back winter youth sports in one year. One nomination read, "In every interaction I've had with Jimmy, he's always led from a perspective of doing what's best for kids' growth, safety and enjoyment. Jimmy has set a very high bar within the City for getting multiple stakeholders moving in the same direction. He's a gift to the Recreation and Parks Department."

The other 2022 nominees were David Bjerke (Elections), Nate Dupree (IT Services), Ali Khavari (Public Works), Behailu Kifle (Public Works), Rachel Kindell (Aurora House), Mike Statie (Emergency Management), and Scarlett Williams (Public Works). 

Nominations for the 2023 Employee of the Year will open in early 2024.

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