About the Office of the Sheriff

The Sheriff is elected by the citizens of the City of Falls Church every four years. The Sheriff is referred to as a constitutional officer because the office is specifically established by the Constitution of Virginia.

The Sheriff's Office provides court security and prisoner transportation in addition to serving civil warrants and legal notices, as mandated by the Virginia Constitution and the Virginia Code. The office works in conjunction with the City of Falls Church Police Department in the performance of law enforcement functions including the issuance of traffic summonses, traffic control, special events, emergency response, and training exercises.

Sheriff Headshot

About Sheriff Matt Cay

Prior to his position as Sheriff, Metin "Matt" Cay was a police officer in the City of Falls Church. He also previously practiced law in Virginia. Sheriff Cay most admires the character traits of selflessness, compassion and commitment, which clearly show in his work. When asked what superpower he would like to possess, Sheriff Cay said, “I would like to have the ability to provide access to education, health care, career choices, and other opportunities and benefits for all members of our society.”

Sherriff Office Employees working a charity race.