Townhomes & Condominiums

Tag Requirements
  • Beginning Wednesday, September 7, 2011, customers are required to use a trash tag for each bag of trash that does not fit into a city-issued trash cart. Each attached household was given the option of receiving a 35 gallon or 65 gallon trash cart or using personal containers or bags. In order to provide town home customers with equivalent service to detached home customers, each customer with personal containers or 35 gallon containers will receive special Orange Trash Tags for trash up to an equivalent of 65 gallons of trash per week.
  • Customers with a 35 gallon trash cart or no trash cart will receive Orange Trash Tags, delivered to your door in late August and once a year thereafter. Once a customer runs out of assigned Orange Trash Tags, $1 Yellow Trash Tags must be purchased for each bag of trash not contained within a city-issued cart.
  • Customers with a 65 gallon trash cart must purchase $1 Yellow Trash Tags for excess trash that does not fit inside your assigned cart. Extra bags of trash may be placed inside personal trash containers as long as the containers are less than 50 pounds when full and are less than 30 gallons in size.
  • Trash tags should be placed around the neck of the bag or across the bag (close to the top of the bag) so they are clearly visible.