K-9 Unit

The K-9 Unit was created in 2008 as a proactive measure to provide anti-terrorist support to the citizens of the City of Falls Church. Since September 11, 2001 law enforcement modalities have changed in response to an every more challenging and complex environment. The Falls Church Sheriff's Office K-9 Unit currently consists of police service dog Fany and a Sergeant serving as the K-9 Unit Commander. police service dogs can be trained to perform a wide variety of tasks depending upon the needs of the community. K-9s are recognized as legitimate and invaluable tools in modern law enforcement. In addition, the deterrent effect K-9s have on crime and on the actions of potential criminals is immeasurable.

Modern police service dog (PSD) practice dictates that PSDs must be social and should be allowed to interact with the General Public. To promote the PSD socialization process, the PSD attends many public functions through out the year and resides in the handler's residence.
Service Dog Fanny
Our current police service dog, Fany, is a German Shepherd from the Czech Republic. The K-9 team comprised of K-9 Fany and Sergeant Gregory M. Stone is certified in explosives detection by the United States Police Canine Association (USPCA) and in odor recognition by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

Our K-9 team is evaluated once a year in nationally recognized certification trials. In addition to annual certification, to maintain proficiency, K-9 Unit members engage in regular maintenance training both in conjunction with multi-agency partners and in house. Due to the antiterrorist role of our explosive detection canine we do not disclose technical and operational parameters applicable to the police service dog's performance.

The primary mission of the K-9 Unit is to provide specialized support to the Falls Church Sheriff's Office and mutual aid and inter-agency partners in the area of explosive detection and to serve as a hedge against terrorist and criminal use of explosives. The K-9 Team regularly sweeps the Falls Church Courtroom and surrounding areas for explosive devices and is present at major city events and activities.

Sheriff, Officer and Police Dog Fany
Explosive Detection Canines
Additionally, Explosive Detection Canines (also known as Explosive Ordnance Detection (EOD) canines, or Explosive Detector Dogs (EDD)) are used to search for explosives on bomb threats in a wide variety of circumstances. In addition, whenever the President or other dignitaries visit the city, our explosive detector dog team would assist federal agencies during the visit to ensure the safety of the visiting dignitary.

Public Demonstrations
In an effort to educate the general public about the benefits of K-9 utilization, the K-9 Unit often performs public demonstrations through out the year. From elementary school visits, to community outreach presentations and mutual aid demonstrations, the K-9 Unit is always a popular and highly respected attraction. The K-9 Unit is available, by appointment, for demonstrations and other community outreach activities with in the NCR and to our partner agencies.

Community Support
Given the importance of the National Capital Region and the overall scarcity of K-9 resources, the Falls Church Sheriff's Office actively seeks and supports mutual aid and multi-agency K-9 efforts on a resource available basis throughout the NCR and surrounding jurisdictions.

We are very grateful for the community support the K-9 Unit receives. The Falls Church Sheriff's Office K-9 Unit is self-sustaining. From the cost of the police service dog to its training and wellness, the unit is completely funded through outside contributions by corporate and individual donors, at no cost to city taxpayers.

The K-9 Unit is commanded by Sergeant Gregory M. Stone