Annual Disclosure Forms

Pursuant to the Code of Virginia Section 2.2-3115 and City Ordinance 1459, members of specified boards and commissions and/or appointed and elected officials are required to file the following forms with the City Clerk each year:

  • Financial Disclosure Statement (Due February 1 or immediately following appointment)
    Advisory Board of Recreation & Parks, Architectural Advisory Board, Board of Equalization, Board of Zoning Appeals, Economic Development Authority, Historic Architectural Review Board, Real Estate Assessor
  • Statement of Economic Interests (Due February 1 or immediately after taking office)
    City Attorney, City Clerk, City Council, City Manager, Planning Commission, West Falls Community Development Authority
  • Disclosure of Real Estate Holdings (Due February 1 or immediately after appointment)
     Board of Zoning Appeals, Real Estate Assessor

The Commissioner of the Revenue, Sheriff, and Treasurer must file Economic Interest Statements annually by February 1 or immediately after taking office. These officials file directly with the Virginia Conflicts of Interest and Ethics Advisory Council