Annual Disclosure Forms

Pursuant to the Code of Virginia Section 2.2-3115 and City Ordinance 1459, members of specified boards and commissions and/or appointed and elected officials are required to file the following forms with the City Clerk each year:

  • Financial Disclosure Statement (Due February 1 or immediately following appointment)
    Advisory Board of Recreation & Parks, Architectural Advisory Board, Board of Equalization, Board of Zoning Appeals, Economic Development Authority, Historic Architectural Review Board, Real Estate Assessor
  • Statement of Economic Interests (Due February 1 or immediately after taking office)
    City Attorney, City Clerk, City Council, City Manager, Planning Commission, West Falls Community Development Authority
  • Disclosure of Real Estate Holdings (Due February 1 or immediately after appointment)
     Board of Zoning Appeals, Real Estate Assessor

The City Clerk's office will notify those required to complete these forms and provide current forms for filing.

The Commissioner of the Revenue, Sheriff, and Treasurer must file Economic Interest Statements annually by February 1 or immediately after taking office. These officials file directly with the Virginia Conflicts of Interest and Ethics Advisory Council