Court Services Unit

Through an agreement with Arlington County, the City of Falls Church contracts with Arlington County Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court for matters involving juveniles, offenses committed by adults against juveniles, and family matters except divorce.

About CSU

The Court Services Unit (CSU) provides probation-related services to youth and families involved in the city's Juvenile and Domestic Relations  (J&DR). The CSU provides intake services for law enforcement officers, school officials, parents, victims, or other individuals who desire to file a complaint against a juvenile for criminal or status offenses committed in the City of Falls Church.

When ordered by the J&DR Court, the CSU conducts presentence or child custody investigations. The CSU also provides supervision, counseling, and case management services to youth under court supervision as delinquent or status offenders. Adults involved with the Court for offenses related to domestic violence or child abuse are also supervised through the CSU.

Services Offered

A broad range of services are offered to CSU clients through outside agencies, including substance abuse treatment, anger management classes, individual and family counseling, and home-based counseling services. Clients also receive services from court-sponsored programs such as:
Informal assistance for youth that have problems with truancy, running away, juvenile delinquency, substance abuse, and other issues, is also available through the CSU. Adults experiencing difficulties with domestic violence, city residents seeking a protective order or wishing to file a petition for custody of a child may also contact the CSU for assistance.

Court Investigations

When a juvenile or adult is found guilty of an offense, the Court may order a presentence investigation and report. This typically occurs when the nature of the offenses or the circumstances surrounding the individual suggest that more in-depth information is needed by the Court to determine the appropriate sentence. In these cases, the probation counselor performs a detailed investigation and provides the Court with a written report and recommendations for sentencing.

The Court Services Unit prepares a similar report in cases where child custody is being contested and the Court orders a child custody investigation.