Green Power

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Green Power is electricity generated from environmentally preferable renewable resources, such as solar, wind, geothermal, low-impact biomass, and low-impact hydro resources.

Improving & Strengthening
Green Power is an environmental choice. Conventional electricity is one of the most significant environmental impacts in a community. Purchasing or using onsite Green Power is one of the easiest ways for a community to reduce its carbon footprint. Renewable energy plays a role in improving our environment and strengthening our economy by:
  • Reducing carbon emissions
  • Creating "green" jobs and stimulating the economy
  • Reducing our dependence on fossil fuels
  • Enhancing our nation's energy security
Energy Efficiency & Climate Change
Following guidelines set forth by the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI), city staff and the Environmental Services Council's Climate Change and Energy Efficiency Task Group have completed the city's first baseline energy use and greenhouse gas emission inventory for both government and community sectors. This study is the 1st milestone in a 5 milestone process for the city to develop and implement a plan to increase energy efficiency and curb greenhouse gas emissions.

This task group was established by Resolution 2008-41 to take a leadership role in promoting public awareness regarding climate change and energy efficiency. City actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase energy efficiency provide multiple benefits by decreasing air pollution, creating jobs, increasing energy security, and saving money for city government and schools, residents, and businesses.

With the efforts of this group, the city has been certified by the Virginia Municipal League (VML) as a Green Government since 2009.
EPA Green Power Partner
The City of Falls Church is an EPA Green Power Partner and uses Green Power for its facilities by purchasing Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs). The city is currently matching 5% of its electricity use, offsetting over 541,000 kilowatt hours of electricity with Green Power!

The Green Power Partnership is a voluntary EPA program that encourages organizations to buy green power as a way to reduce the environmental impacts associated with conventional electricity use. The Partnership currently has more than 1,300 Partner organizations voluntarily purchasing billions of kilowatt-hours of green power annually. Partners include a wide variety of leading organizations such as Fortune 500 companies, small and medium sized businesses, local, state, and federal governments, and colleges and universities. Learn more about the EPA's Green Power Partnership program.