Green Power Challenge

The City of Falls Church has become the first Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Green Power Community in Virginia. View our distinguished list of contributors.

About the Green Power Challenge

The City Council has launched a year-long, City-wide challenge to become a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Green Power Community Read the Green Power Resolution. City residents and businesses are encouraged to work collectively to purchase and/or generate renewable energy in amounts that meet or exceed 3% of the total community-wide electricity use. Watch for updates on our progress. Visit the EPA website for more information about Green Power in the City.

This challenge has several advantages that benefit city government, residents, and businesses:
  • Improved living and community environment
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants
  • Enhanced community image
  • Increased citizen pride
Falls Church residents and local businesses are encouraged to help the city reach its goal by purchasing Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) and/or installing on-site renewable energy sources. Organizations can also purchase RECs through a third party (i.e. 3Degrees) even if they do not consume electricity or pay an energy bill.

It's Easy to Participate

  • Purchase renewable energy for some or all of your home, business, group, or organization - even if you do not pay an electrical bill
  • Generate onsite green power at your home or business.  Read through our guide to purchasing solar panels.
  • Request a speaker for your organization to learn more about the Green Power Community Challenge.
  • Show your support by displaying an EPA Green Power Yard Sign at your home or business.
  • Download and complete the REC Generation / Purchase Questionnaire. When finished, email or print and mail to
    300 Park Ave.
    Suite 302 W.
    Falls Church, VA 22046.

Why Participate?

  • Matching 100% of home energy use with Green Power is equivalent to preventing the carbon emissions from driving a typical car for more than 19,000 miles!
  • It's easy on the wallet. The average daily cost to match 100% of electricity in a typical home is just $0.43/day with Dominion Virginia Green Power (may vary with other REC providers).