No Longer Accepting Book Donations Starting February 1

Our Library Renovation and Expansion Project has us scheduled to move into a temporary facility this upcoming summer/fall. Although we greatly appreciate all the donations we receive, as we begin preparations for the move, and then while we are in our temporary facility during construction, we will be unable to store and process donated materials. We will therefore need to stop accepting donations of physical items (books, DVDs, CDs, etc) starting this February 1, 2019.

Individuals wishing to support the library may continue to contribute through monetary donations (see below) or volunteer opportunities.

Looking for Somewhere Else to Donate? 

If you are looking for somewhere else to donate your books, DVDs, and CDs after February 1, check our flier listing other local options where you might take your donation. 

Monetary Donations

Monetary donations - for memorials or to support library collections and services - are greatly appreciated. For more information about making a donation, please contact the Library Director, Jenny Carroll, at 703-248-5032 or by email.

Donations may also be submitted to the Mary Riley Styles Public Library Foundation, Inc.

Amazon Wish List

Help support library programs and services through a purchase from our Amazon wishlist.