Affordable Housing Development

The 1st stage of the affordable housing development strategy was initiated by negotiating with developers for affordable dwelling units (ADUs) to be integrated into multi-family residential development projects. The 2nd stage of the affordable housing strategy will be to identify and redevelop a site-specific project that will produce affordable housing opportunities.

Download the Affordable Housing Policy.


In 2002, this ordinance established the ADU Program to assist in the provision of housing to persons of low and moderate income. The city offers both home ownership ADUs and rental ADUs.
Special Exception Ordinance
The Special Exception Ordinance provides development options for projects that exceed the by-right zoning codes for the City of Falls Church to allow mixed-use development in commercially zoned areas.

Affordable Housing Fund
The City of Falls Church Affordable Housing Fund (AHF) provides funding both to maintain existing affordable housing and to develop additional affordable housing opportunities for households with a gross income less than 120% of the area median income. Applications may be submitted at any time by nonprofit organizations, for-profit organizations, or the City of Falls Church general government.

Below are the affordable housing documents. The application has 2 parts, both parts I and II must be submitted.

AHF Documents