1. Budget Development

    Learn how you can get involved in the annual budget process in March and April.

  2. Classes & Activities

    Get information about classes and activities offered through the department.

  3. Community Programs

    The Police Department has a number of programs to safeguard children, businesses, seniors, and neighborhoods.

  4. Crime Prevention

    The City of Falls Church Police Department is committed to the development and perpetuation of community crime prevention programs.

  5. Farmers Market

    Learn about the Farmer's Market that is active in the community.

  6. Library Programs

    Look up different programs that the library offers.

  7. Purchasing, Bids & Solicitations

    The Purchasing Division procures goods, services, and construction in accordance with applicable codes and policies.

  8. Sheriff Programs

    Explore information about our programs.

  9. Traffic Safety Programs

    See how we we work to keep our drivers safe.