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Speed Limit

If you have been charged with a traffic or criminal offense, you have two options.  Some violations require a court appearance; however, many traffic, and some criminal matters, may be prepaid. If your offense is eligible for prepayment and you wish to waive your right to trial, follow the directions provided on your summons.

A Prepayable Offenses Form is available with more information to assist you. You may also call the Prepayable Offenses Information Recording at 703-248-5095 (TTY 711). To prepay tickets online, go to

If you have any questions concerning a traffic summons, please contact the Clerk of the Court's Office at 703-248-5096 (TTY 711).

Parking tickets are paid to the Treasurer's Office, unless it is set for a court hearing through the Clerk of the Court. Once a ticket is set for a court hearing, it is subject to court processing fees pursuant to Virginia Code Sections 16.1-69.48, 17.1-281, and 53.1-120

These fees are assessed upon a finding of guilt, whether by court decision or prepayment. No such fees are assessed upon dismissal or nolle prosequi (not prosecuted). 

Prepayment for parking tickets after a court hearing is scheduled must be made to the Clerk of the Court. Contact the Clerk's Office for the procedure to schedule a court hearing for a parking ticket.

Friday, April 18, 2014
Prepayable Offenses Form

Clerk of the Court

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