What will the Stormwater Enterprise Fund pay for?
Revenue collected by the utility fee will only fund the city’s Stormwater Management Program, both operating and capital budgets. This includes:
  • City staff (e.g. engineers, inspectors, maintenance crew, and supervisor)
    • Clean and repair 27 miles of stormwater pipes, 1.5 miles of open stream, 70 miles of curb and gutter, 1400 inlets and manholes
    • Design and oversee the construction of capital projects
    • Manage the city’s stormwater permit, Erosion and Sediment Control Program, and Floodplain Program
  • Construction materials for repairs and new infrastructure
  • Construction equipment, vehicles, and associated fuel and maintenance costs
  • Contracted services - specialized cleaning and inspection, street sweeping, deep excavation, engineering consultant, surveying, utility location, geotechnical
  • Office supplies and equipment
  • State stormwater permit fees

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