What do I need to do?
Steps include:
  • Locate a plat of your property, and submit a copy which includes a drawing of the
  • proposed shed in the desired location. Mark the dimensions and the distances from nearby property lines, as well as from the house.
  • For sheds larger than 200 square, prepare required building plans and drawings.
  • Complete an application for a Building Permit Application (or have your contractor do so, if applicable).
  • Complete applications for Electrical or Plumbing permits, if applicable.
  • Submit the application(s) and plat in City Hall: West Wing, 3rd floor, Suite 300.
  • No fees are required upfront. If it is determined that you need a permit or permits, you will be notified and payment will be accepted when you pick up your paperwork

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1. I want to build a shed on my property. Do I need a permit?
2. Who will review my application?
3. How long does it take to obtain either a permit or a completed review?
4. What do I need to do?
5. I don’t have a survey of my property, what should I do?
6. What if I just want to replace my shed in the same location?
7. What are some setbacks and location details I should be aware of?