Can you tell me more about the online registration program?
The city's online registration program is called WebTrac.

WebTrac allows you to:
  • Be added to the wait list if an activity is full
  • Browse activity listings
  • Enroll for most activities
  • Look up details about any activity (price, dates, times, location, availability)
  • Print a Child Care Statement for tax purposes or flexible spending plans
  • Print a family calendar of activities (family member, time, activity name)
  • Print an account transaction history
  • Reprint old receipts
  • Search for activities by type, age range, location, and other criteria

WebTrac will not allow you to:
  • Cancel an activity
  • Register children who do not meet the specific requirements for a class. For example, minimum age requirements, regardless if you have permission from the instructor
  • Register individuals from other households
  • Transfer to another activity

If you have registered for activities prior to the implementation of WebTrac, then you will not need to set up a new household. We can provide you with your User ID and beginning Password. However, if a family member is not listed in your current household, they will not appear in the WebTrac household and you will have to contact us to add them.

If you are registering for the first time, be sure to include all family members even if they do not currently plan to enroll in activities. This will save you time if they decide to enroll in the future.

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1. Can you tell me more about the online registration program?
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