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Application for Boards and Commissions


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  • Criteria

    1. Criteria

      For questions regarding this form, contact the City Clerk at 703-248-5014 (TTY 711) or
      Check the boxes below to indicate you have read, understand, and/or satisfied the qualifications for submitting an application to serve as a city board or commission member. Please note that applications will not be accepted unless all qualifications are met, including attending at least one meeting of the board or commission to which you are applying. *** DO NOT SUBMIT THIS APPLICATION UNTIL YOU HAVE SATISFIED ALL OF THE REQUIREMENTS.

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    3. ***Note about Meeting Attendance

      If applying for Retirement Board, City Employee Review Board, or Towing Advisory Board, this requirement may not apply. Contact City Clerk for details, 703-248-5014 or If you have confirmed that this requirement does not apply, please check meeting attendance box.