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Library to Your Door Application

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  2. Library To Your Door Application
    • Library to Your Door provides no-cost home delivery of library materials to any City of Falls Church resident physically unable to come into the library.
    • Homebound patrons may borrow books, magazines, DVDs and audiobooks for an extended loan period (four weeks).
    • Library to Your Door customers may request up to five items a week up to a total of 20 items checked out.
  3. How to Apply
    To apply for service please fill-out and submit the following form. We will contact you by email or phone, as you prefer, to begin service. Our email: Our phone number: (703)248-5035 (TTY 711).
  4. If you don't have a card, visit our Get a Library Card page to learn more and apply online!
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  9. REMINDER: You can request up to 5 items each week.
  10. Terms for Library to Your Door Service
    • I declare that I am physically unable to visit MRSPLibrary due to permanent or temporary health, mobility or disability issues.
    • I understand that staff will check out books to my account and deliver to and retrieve items from my home.
    • I will be charged a replacement fee for any books that are lost or damaged.
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