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Right-of-Way Notification Request

  1. Request Inspection(s)

    This form is to notify the Department of Public Works of construction activity occurring within the city Right-of-Way. Fill out the information listed below and click the "Submit" button. The form will be submitted to the Department of Public Works for processing. Upon receipt, city officials will respond with an e-mail confirming the notification was received.

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  3. Additional Help, General

    When you submit this form, it sends an e-mail to the staff of the Department of Public Works. Staff then processes the request and e-mails back a confirmation that the notification was received.

    You can speed up filling out this form if you create an account on the web site. Your name, phone number and e-mail will fill in automatically. If set your account mailing address to your job address, it will fill in automatically as well. An account is not required to schedule inspections.

  4. Please specify what day the construction activity will occur. 24 hour notice is required.

  5. Additional Help, Date of Work

    You must submit a notification at least 24 hours in advance to any work occuring.

    If multiple activities are occurring on the same day, one notification request can be submitted.

    If construction activities are occurring on separate days, a notification is required 24 hours in advance of each activity.

  6. Additional Help, Permit Number

    The permit number is printed in the upper-right corner of every issued permit. Each job will generally have a single number for all permits issued for that job. (Complex jobs may have multiple numbers.) The permit number will start with the year of initial application, followed by four more digits, e.g., "20140123".

  7. Type(s) of Work*

    Select one or more types of work that is occurring on the date stated above.

  8. Addtional Help, Type of Work

    The most important thing when submitting notifications is to ensure 24 hour notice is given prior to the activity occurring.

    If city staff observes work being performed within the city Right-of- Way without proper notification, or work that is outside the scope of the permit, additional fees will be assessed.

  9. must follow the format ###-###-####

  10. Additional Help, Person on Site

    The City of Falls Church requires the name and phone number of the primary onsite contact to be provided in case of emergency.

  11. Please Note: Submitting this form does not mean that an inspection will occur. Please proceed with work unless otherwise direct by city officials..

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