Rental Assistance

There is no public housing in the City of Falls Church. HHS offers assistance through the Affordable Dwelling Units (ADU) Program, Rent Relief for Seniors and Persons with Disabilities, and the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program.

Affordable Dwelling Rental Units

The Affordable Dwelling Unit (ADU) Program provides affordable rental opportunities in the City of Falls Church for moderate income individuals and families. The rent is below market rate and the apartments, condominiums, and townhouses are located throughout the City. View more ADU Program information here.

Rent Relief for Seniors and Persons with Disabilities

The City of Falls Church provides grants (one time per year) for Rent Relief as well as Personal Property and Auto Decal Relief to City residents who are 65 or older or persons with disabilities who meet the income and asset eligibility requirements. If you are interested in this program, please contact Department of Housing and Human Services 

You may qualify for Rent Relief if:
  • Your gross household income is less than $45,150.
  • Your assets are less than $150,000.
  • You are not receiving any other rent subsidy such as the Housing Choice Voucher.
 Household Income  Grant Amount
  Under $15,044
  $15,045 - $30,097
  $30,098 - $45,150

If you have any questions regarding the Rent Relief program, please contact City of Falls Church, Housing and Human Services at 703-248-5005 or  

Section 8: Housing Choice Voucher Program

The City of Falls Church partners with Fairfax County to administer the Federal Housing Choice Voucher Rental Subsidy Program (formerly known as the Section 8 Program) for city residents. Participants receive a rental subsidy to rent privately-owned housing units of their choice. Contact the Fairfax County Department of Housing and Community Development at 703-385-3662 for more information.
Please note that the waiting list for this program is currently closed.