Surf Safe

  • If children use online chatting or email, talk to them about never meeting in person anyone they first "met" online.
  • Talk to children about not responding to offensive or dangerous email, chat, or other communications. Report any such communication to local law enforcement. Do not delete the offensive or dangerous email. Simply turn off the monitor, and contact local law enforcement.
  • Keep the computer in the family room or another open area of your home.
  • Be aware of any other computers your child may be using.
  • Let children show you what they can do online, and visit their favorite sites.
  • Know who children are exchanging email with, and only let them use chat areas when you can supervise.
  • Internet accounts should be in the parent's name with parents having the primary screen name, controlling passwords, and using blocking and/or filtering devices.
  • Talk to children about what to do if they see something that makes them feel scared, uncomfortable, or confused. Show them how to turn off the monitor and emphasize that it's not their fault if they see something upsetting. Remind children to tell a trusted adult if they see something that bothers them online.
  • If you suspect online "stalking" or sexual exploitation of a child, report it to your local law enforcement agency.

A boy and a girl sitting in front of an older computer with a woman standing behind them