West Broad Street Small Area Plan

West Broad Street - Connecting Falls Church
Adopted April 11, 2016
Recent Changes to the Draft Plan
The following changes were recently made to the draft West Broad Street Small Area Plan (SAP). These changes were made in response to feedback provided during the March 7, 2016 City Council work session and in response to public comments. These changes are intended to incorporate ideas suggested and to accommodate concerns raised. The draft plan still provides guidance for development of the West Broad Street Planning Opportunity Area (POA) and incorporates ideas developed during the 22 month planning effort.
Recent Changes to the Draft Plan (April 4, 2016)
Defining the West Broad Street Area
The West Broad Street Planning Opportunity Area (POA) runs along West Broad Street. Little Falls St and the W&OD overpass bound the area to the east and west.  The area includes many of the properties along to West Broad St and some of the properties along to Park Ave.
West Broad Street
Why Develop a Small Area Plan?
Once completed, the small area plan will provide a vision for redevelopment in the Broad Street POA. This is the fourth Planning Opportunity Area (POA) in the City studied for redevelopment. These opportunity areas are being studied and planned to help guide development in a proactive manner. Planning in advance of development helps the City guide future redevelopment to maximize community benefit and minimize adverse impacts.
 Planning Opportunity Area Map and Schedule 
How Can I Get Involved?
City staff encourage citizen participation and actively engage City residents in preparing small area plans. Future opportunities for public input will be listed on this page. Questions and comments regarding the West Broad Street Area Plan can be sent to plan@fallschurchva.gov.
Public Meetings
The City hosted a public kickoff meeting on June 21, 2014 to discuss the POA and solicit community input on the future development of the area. The city will host a second community meeting on February 21, 2015 at the Columbia Baptist Church (see details below).

First Meeting, Kickoff
The community kickoff meeting for the West Broad Street Area Plan was held on June 21, 2014 at Columbia Baptist Church.  The meeting was attended by residents, City Council members, members of City Boards and Commissions, and City Staff. Attendees were split into tables where they had the opportunity to comment on each of four subjects in regard to the area: Community and Culture; Land Use; Parks and Open Space; and Transportation.  These comments were then consolidated and general themes from each category were presented at the end of the meeting. Staff has consolidated all of the raw comments as well as created a write-up on the main takeaway themes from each category, which are available below in PDF format.

Meeting Materials:
Meeting Agenda
Meeting Presentation
Relevant Excerpts from the City's 2005 Comprehensive Plan

Meeting Comments:
Raw Comments
Staff Takeaways

Second Meeting, Draft Plan
A second community meeting was held on February 21, 2015 to present the draft plan to the public. A presentation outlining some of the key concepts of the Draft Plan was given. The presentation was followed by tabletop discussions facilitated by City staff covering the same topics as the initial community meeting. At the conclusions of the meeting Staff presented some of the key concepts from the tabletop discussions. Following the second community meeting, additional comments were sent from various community groups and City departments. 

Meeting Invitation 

Draft West Broad Street POA Small Area Plan 
Meeting Agenda 
Meeting Presentation

Meeting Comments:
Raw Comments
Date Group Type of Event
June 23, 2014 Community Meeting Group Discussion
February 2, 2015 Planning Commission Work Session
February 21, 2015 Community Meeting Draft Plan Discussion
April 20, 2015 Planning Commission Work Session
May 13, 2015 Citizens Advisory Committee on Transportation (CACT)  
June 1, 2015 City Council Work Session
August 3, 2015 Planning Commission Public Hearing
August 4, 2015 Economic Development Authority (EDA)  
September 8, 2015 Planning Commission Public Hearing (cont'd)
September 17, 2015 Environmental Services Council (ESC)  
October 5, 2015 City Council Walking Tour
October 7, 2015 Recreation & Parks Advisory Board  
October 19, 2015 Planning Commission Work Session
November 2, 2015 Planning Commission Action, Recommendation
January 25, 2016 City Council Regular Meeting
February 8, 2016 City Council Action, Deferred
February 16, 2016 City Council Work Session
March 7, 2016 City Council / Planning Commission Joint Work Session
April 4, 2016 City Council Work Session
April 11, 2016 City Council Action, Adoption