Founders Row (Broad and West Streets)

Project Status: Partially Open

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The project consists of:

  • a six-story mixed-use building with a ground floor retail use of approximately 67,442 square feet in addition to an 800-seat movie theater;
  • a five-story residential multi-family rental apartments with 322 units above the one story ground floor retail spaces;
  • 72-unit age-restricted apartments; and;
  • a parking garage with two aboveground levels and three underground levels.
Project Rendering
Created by Mill Creek, the developer behind the complex, enjoy this video which shows a ride through a rendering of Founders Row. note this is not actual footage, but a rendering of the basics of the project.

Project History

On January 11, 2016, the City Council approved the Mason Row (renamed to Founders Row in 2018)  mixed use project by adopted  Resolution 2016-03 Amending the Comprehensive Plan from "Business & Low Density Residential" to "Mixed Use", approved Ordinance 1944 to Amend the Zoning Map from B-3 and R-1B zoning districts to B-1; and adopted Resolution 2016-04 for two Special Exceptions with voluntary concessions for residential development within a mixed-use development and a 30-foot building height bonus for the proposed 85 foot high building. Additionally, Resolutions 2016-05 was adopted, which established an economic development agreement revenue sharing agreement between the City and Spectrum Development, LLC for the proposed movie theater.

In 2016 the Planning Commission approved the site plan and subdivision consolidation applications that reflected the 2016 approved special exception conceptual development plan. Applications for site plan and subdivision (consolidation) were submitted in October 2016. An initial Technical review by staff was completed. Prior to the final Planning Commission hearing, recommendations were received from the Tree Commission and Architectural Advisory Board. Two additional submissions responding to staff comments received (see below under Site Plan Submission 2 and Site Plan Submission 3).

A Special Exception Amendment application was submitted in April 2017, to remove the requirement for a hotel, and instead construct a 72-unit age-restricted apartment building for adults 55 years of age and new. revised Special Exception Amendment (Resolution 2018-17) materials were provided in June 2018 (see below under Special Exception Amendment Submission 2).

On August 13, 2018 City Council approved Special Exception Amendment, Resolution 2018-17, which the after a public hearing on July 16, 2018, the recommended approval to City Council of the Special Exception Amendment to remove the requirement for a hotel, and instead construct a 72-unit age-restricted apartment building. 

In March 2019, construction of the Founders Row mixed use project commenced with a build out schedule of approximately two and one/half years or end of 2021 for all phases.

On January 19, 2021, an application for a Special Exception Amendment (Theater Condition) was received from Millcreek Residential. The application requests to change the Voluntary Concessions, Community Benefits, Terms and Conditions, date August 10, 2018 associated with the previously approved special exception amendment (2018) conditions.   The proposed change in the Voluntary Concessions is related to the prerequisite for the Movie Theater commercial use to have an advanced status towards completion and tenant fits-outs, prior to the release of certificates of occupancy (COs) related to the Residential Apartment(s) completion and ability to rent and occupy. Due to the commercial market during the pandemic the planned movie theater commercial use is not available currently. The special exception amendment, Temporary Resolution TR21-03, proposes to escrow funds, instead of holding COs, to guarantee the theater tenant fit-outs in the future.

Final Approved Site Plan Documents

  1. Pages C-0101 to C-0303
  2. Pages C-0403 to C-0903
  3. Pages C1201 to E1

Special Exception Amendments

Theater Conditions (2021)

  • Special Exception Amendment (Theater Condition), February 17, 2021 (Planning Commission Public Hearing)
    **Materials Pending**
  • Special Exception Amendment (Theater Condition), February 3, 2021 (Planning Commission Work Session)
  • Special Exception Amendment (Theater Condition), January 25, 2021 (City Council Meeting)
  • Special Exception Amendment (Theater Condition), January 19, 2021 (City Council Meeting)

Special Exception Amendment Submission 3 (July 2018)

Special Exception Amendment Submission 2 (June 2018)

Special Exception Amendment Submission 1 (April 2017)

Site Plan Submissions

Site Plan Submission 4

Site Plan Submission 3

Site Plan Submission 2

Original Site Plan Submission

City Council Approved Documents